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Danielle Simms

Ok so welcome to Swagbucks 101 A La Danielle :DD

So the point of the site is they give you points called Swagbucks ( SB ) for doing things on their site like playing games, surveys, tasks, watch their SBTV, and so on.

So I am going to give you a step by step walk through so you can follow this and click so you know what I am talking about and you have this to refer back to if needed, or you can ask me, I will help anyway I can.

Everyday on your Swagbucks homepage (HP), you will see a To Do List. Click on each of those links and you will get points everyday. For the NOSO it will bring you to an offer kind of page click the big white arrow to skp and you claim your SB there.

The next main thing that you will see is the My Daily Goal Meter. If you can get your daily goal every day for a month you get an extra bonus of 524 SB (or close to it) paid out on the following month (5th of the month, next payout May 5th, 2013).

Don't worry if you don't get a full month, you will see a silver bar that says show goal history, when you click that a window opens with the days of the month and shows your daily goals and what you have accomplished. Under that there is a spot that says Unlock More Swagbucks (that is where the bonus pay out is, you are only give 1 of those bonuses a month, either 7 days or monthly ect.)

Now you should notice on the same homepage (HP) that there is a Daily Survey sitting there (middle of the page), open that and it sometimes gives you a survey, it's hit and miss on those for most people (sometimes there is a survey, sometimes not). Check it a few times a day as they can appear at any random time.

Around the same area you will sometimes notice a video offer (to watch a video) watch them as they pay out 2 SB per video. They will appear randomly then once you are done watching it, it will go away.

On the homepage (HP) you will see a Search and Win bar (there is one on the toolbar as well to the top left, if you have the tool bar downloaded. If not I would suggest getting it.) area near the top. Each day search random stuff using that search bar, when you do you can win random SB from it. My highest win was 50 I think on 1 search, I will give you updates when they come up (usually 3 in one day). SB can be anywhere from 6 to 50 points for each search win. When you win this way it will show up on the page that you are searching you have just won.......make sure to follow me on Faceboook https://www.facebook.com/danielle.simms.397

Now to the top of the page (tabs) These are the only ones that I use the others you can browse yourself one is if you want to shop online, the other is for the videos but I will give you a better way for those and the search one I just explained to you, it's the same thing.

Ok so the Play tab, has games you can play. Doesn't matter which ones you play but you win a total of 10 SB everyday for games (2 per game win, it will say when you win, if you don't just keep playing and you will ;))

Answer tab - Surveys this is one that you want to keep your eye out for a few times a day as they will put in a random survey for 200 instant SB when you complete the survey ( can be between 5 minutes - 30 minutes it will tell you)

Don't worry about the Answer tab - Daily Poll that is on your to do list.

Answer tab - Tasks, there will be a bunch of different tasks that you can try out for different point amounts, 2 SB or 4 SB and so on. When you first start these they may ask you to sign up with something called Crowdflower it's cool, all this does is keep track of the tasks score, once your scale reaches 100 % you get 20 SB. You will see the scale on the left top of the page when you are in a task.

For each time that you are "new" to a task, they give you a try it out page and if you pass then you can do the real ones and get the SB points. They are not hard at all to do. Things like yes or no questions, or click the link and tell me if the person that wrote this is male or female. Simple stuff.

I make about 80 SB a day on these depending on how many are on the tasks board.

Don't bother with the ones that are 0.80 or 0.40 for now start with the simple ones then if you want to try the other ones later I can help you. Not that they are hard....they ask a question and you have to find a great answer blah blah blah, we will get the basics down first.

Discover Tab - Special Offers - Keep an eye out on these as well, when you go into that one a new page will come up with all these tabs (Peanut Lab, Trial Play, and so on) each of these tabs will or could have surveys on them so keep an eye out, as well on those you can get free games and stuff on Facebook if you want don't have to but the ones that you do choose you will get SB for them and it will say how much right there on the link.

Because you are a new user when you go all these tabs and click whatever surveys that interest you, they will ask you to sign up on other sites, it's fine this is where the surveys come from, again some of these are hit and miss but I keep and eye out on it a few times a day.

Discover tab - Coupons are exactly that...coupons that you can print out and you get SB for printing them, check the bottom of the page it will tell you the amount allowed for SB points. I think it's 24 SB a month not too sure.

The other 2 things Toolbar and NOSO are on the to do list so you don't need to use them but you can click if you want lol

You can browse the rewards one on your own and see what it is pretty self explanatory when you go to it.

Little white envelope on your HP (home page)is your inbox mail sometimes you will get a message in there it will show a red number when you do, go to it and see what it is and choose what you want to do with the offer. ( videos and other special offers are sent there randomly.)

There is a little silvery circle/bullet thingy at the top after the envelope. That is where we put in codes that are given to us randomly in the day I will let you know when I have them and when they are good til (time limits on those). all you do is copy the code hit that little button paste it and hit the redeem and voila you get more SB. But you have to follow me at the Facebook link above to get these in your posts.

I would suggest using their toolbar, from there you can use the SBTV link it brings up a video player to watch their videos. I usually have this on when I am playing games on Facebook or while writing this blog. There is a meter at the top of the player each videos gives you 10 % (10 videos is 3 SB ) you can do up to 50 rounds (500 videos) a day is the limit but you get can get 150 SB a day from those alone. Great to use for slow days and needing to meet that Daily Goal. You don't have to watch the entire videos, watch for the meter to jump from 10 to 20 and then click the next video and so on until you get to the 100 % then it will tell you that you won 3 SB and you can just keep going.

FYI.....Don't close the first webpage that you are on or the one that you started your SBTV player from or it will shut the player down and it can be a pain to figure out where you left off, if you weren't really paying attention. Happens to me a lot......If it happens I just go to the next series of videos. 8|

The green bar near your picture on the home page (HP) tells you how many SB you have in total, then your picture when you scroll over it, gives you a list of things that you can browse through to get used to the pages.

I think that is it :>> I know it's a lot at first, took me a bit to get going as well but I made $100 already and I am working on another $50.

Ok so go have fun looking around and finding things, B) :| it takes a bit to get the points going but once you do they come in faster :>> 88|

I know it's a lot of info but once you start making your way around your homepage (HP) you'll know it like the back of your hand in no time. :p;)B)

Let me know if there is anything that you don't understand after you click around on the pages on Facebook.

Once you start gathering enough points, you can turn the SB points into gift cards to use to shop online ( Starbucks, amazon.ca, Paypal if you have an account, and so on) Look around to see the different ones that interest you, let me know if you need help finding that stuff it's all pretty easy once you've done it once.

Have a great day

End of lesson lol

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